Technology Consulting

Businesses generate and provide distinctive value to their consumers with forward-thinking and technological developments. They also improve their internal processes, and acquire competitive advantages.

Igntion offers a new innovative shift in how businesses develop. We collaborate with healthcare, automotive, and other companies to adopt agile and lean development methods, as well as to include new apps, platforms, databases, and technologies services in order to create game-changing solutions.


We collaborate with industrial manufacturers, both SMEs and large enterprises, to achieve their business objectives such as cost reduction, improvement of operational efficiency across the value chain including manufacturing, procurement and logistics, plant maintenance, sales and distribution and improvement of the time-to-market.


Our offshore and onsite teams have served financial stocks and securities companies for a long period of time now. Product customization, testing of new frameworks, customer engagement and cloud migration support are some of the areas where we have made our customers feel satisfied with our services resulting in them becoming long term customers.

Information Technology

We’re recognized as one of the leading SME IT solution providers offering a variety of services for Software Design and Development, Localization & Globalization, Digital Marketing and many other. We have worked with IT organizations and addressed their needs.


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Offering a wide variety of Web 2.0 application services for retailers including website design, digital marketing services, lean & scalable e-commerce and enterprise architectures. We have been consistently maintaining these applications and websites at a low cost. Our retail customers have realized a lot of business value from our services.

Health Care

We have provided customized software development, digital marketing and other services for customers in healthcare industry such as dental diagnosis systems, patient data management, goods distribution management for food distributors and others.

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